Freddie Mac is bringing conventional financing to a new type of high-quality, factory-built home that is built to HUD code, but with higher pitch roof line; lower profile foundations; dry wall throughout; energy efficient features; and site-built components such as a garage, carport, dormers, and/or a covered porch.
Part of the CHOICEHome Program is authenticating participant’s adherence to the standards that allow us to service these markets. Only organizations authorized by FreddieMac are able to submit CHOICEHOME applications. As part of this exciting new program, Freddie Mac requires that all participants tag each home with a durable label. Labels can only be ordered from this portal and only authorized Freddie Mac CHOICEHomes participants can access it. Please contact Freddie Mac to set up your access if you have not already.
The label should be placed conspicuously on the inside surface of a kitchen cabinet and is required to identify the home as eligible for the CHOICEHome program. Without appropriate labeling in this manner Freddie Mac is unable work with you to obtain financing. Freddie Mac has established this portal for CHOICEHomes participants to order these compliant labels. Your labels will be produced to Freddie Mac specifications for the program and will have upon them a unique identifier that will allow us to know that we have a certified CHOICEHomes product to work with.
Simply choose the quantity of labels that you wish to order and our specialists will fill your order and notify you when they ship. Freddie Mac will also assign these unique identifying labels to your organization and keep track of both the quantities and number ranges delivered to you.
If you are a pre-registered participant, please register, otherwise contact us below or request access.
These are professionally produced labels. They utilize a 32pt food grade paper stock that is printed with the Freddie Mac info and imprinted with the ID number and coated with mylar. The adhesive is also food grade, which means that both the label stock and adhesive are good within a range of 0 degrees to 150 degrees. This makes the adhesive resistant to water and with the mylar coating on the stock, the labels are waterproof.

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